Australian Black Opal Men's Ring in 9k Yellow Gold with Diamond

Australian Black Opal Men's Rings

Black opal is one of the most sought after tones for opal men's rings. Since an opal men's ring usually a one-off, lifelong investment piece, darker, more valuable colours like black opals are the most popular option. Australian black opals are very masculine and make the wearer look distinguished and stylish.

Australian Black Opal Men's Ring in 9k Yellow Gold

What is an Australian Black Opal?

Australian black opals most famously come from the opal field of Lightning Ridge in northern New South Wales. They are found in some quantities in all of Australia's opal fields. Australian black opals are extremely compelling and draw in people's attention. The black body tone of the opal makes the stone's play-of-colour pop, creating the "fire" effect that opals are known for.

Black opals are bright (one of the top characteristics taken into consideration when valuing an opal) and display brilliant flashes of blue, green, and red. Whether a man is calm and subdued like blue, logical and meditative like green, or outspoken and flashy like red, there is an Australian black opal out there with play-of-colour that matches his personality. 

Australian Black Opal Men's Ring in 9k Yellow Gold with Neon Green Fire.

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For a piece as special as a men's opal ring it makes sense to go with the brightest and best quality opal that money can by and usually, that is a black opal. Combined with yellow gold (and maybe a diamond or two) an Australian black opal men's ring is a classic piece that exudes sophistication. Click here to shop 100% natural Australian black opal men's rings.