Everything you need to know before buying a men's opal ring, all in one place


My name is Geoff McDonald and I am the co-owner of the Brisbane Opal Museum and Jewellery Shop in Queensland, Australia. I know everything that there is to know about Australian opal jewellery, especially men's opal rings. I have made hundreds of opal rings for men over the years and am keen to share my expertise. Whether you're searching for the perfect gift for your partner or simply treating yourself, I want to help you decide on a men's opal ring that you can enjoy forever.

I'll answer all your burning questions about men's opal rings, including:

  • Is an Australian opal the right choice for a men's opal ring?
  • What type of Australian opal should the ring be made with?
  • What gold karat should be chosen for a men's opal ring? Also, is silver an option?
  • How will the opal be set in the ring?
  • What should the size of the opal be?
  • Can a men's opal ring include diamonds or other gemstones?
  • Can you custom design a men's opal ring?

He's been dropping hints for months and the time to buy is now. I guarantee that after you finish reading through the site you will have complete confidence about how to properly select the men's opal ring that will make him say "WOW!"